Friday, May 09, 2008

This, That And The Other

I heard so much negative stuff about Vista that I was loath to buy a PC with it on it. However, that is what i did having considered the options. I don't see what the fuss was about. It seems fine to me. Yes, it is different to XP but I like the changes so far.

Re my post of last night. I was feeling somewhat vulnerable knowing that family are probably reading me, at least that is what the email from my father implied. Baring all to such people is rather daunting. However, it's done now,I shall continue to be myself.

Strangely, or maybe not, over the last week I have had several emails from people who I have not heard from before. These emails have been either sharing the writers pain with me which is a great privilege that they should trust me enough to do that. Other emails have been from people telling me juts how much my writing has been of positive help to others. I say strangely, because these emails arrived at a time when I am feeling vulnerable and feeling less like revealing myself here.

I am up an hour earlier than usual this morning as I set my clock incorrectly last night. I was tired when I went to bed, having fallen asleep whilst watching a film, Stardust. So despite the hour earlier, I am still rested and will leave for the pool soon.

The dental work went very well yesterday. Bobbie, the woman who does it, is very nice and gentle and takes great care not to hurt me or make me feel uncomfortable. I need different physical support whilst in the chair and they are very careful how they move that back and I have a cushion thing in my lumber region. It is not an unpleasant experience at all having her work on my teeth.

Shameless has begun to eat better now but not as well as was. Nothing I can do. She won't starve herself. My hunch is that she is carrying a large litter.

John called me from his hotel in Washington DC. He flew out in the upstairs part of a jumbo and his room is more than we would pay for if we went!

I loved my 97 road trip in New England and would really like to go to the USA again, with John this time. However, as I think I have mentioned before, the last time I flew I was petrified. I wasn't before that flight, I used to love flying. Now the idea makes me very nervous indeed. I am pissed off about that. I am not too pleased either with the fact I can't knit whilst on a plane because of not being to take needles on board with me. In case I knit someone to death I suppose.

I spent two whole days not knitting! I did a little last evening though and have come up with a new sock design, I think. Plain colour with texture. I haven't knit enough yet to know if it will work out. I just didn't wan to knit another variegated colour ribbed sock, even if I do love them.

Next weekend, not this, I am going to the SKC show in Scotland. It will be Whitney's first show. She is a little madam and up to now she has only consented to behave and show off in an orderly fashion occasionally. I have a feeling she is going to be one of these that will only do it when she has an audience. I hope so anyway. Fortunately, she only has to do it for a short while. It isn't that she doesn't like the dog club or the other dogs and people. Far from it. She is very pleased to meet them all. She just doesn't like not being in charge!


anachronist said...

As far as I know you can take circs with you on the plane, so that should not be the problem.
Being terrified by the flight is another issue, and I am not sure how to take it away though.
In case you are going to fly out to the States, I hope you will be having a good time there.

I am glad to hear you will stay your old/new self even if family will read your blog now.

It is better to talk out inconvenient truth than to swallow down in favour of not hurting other's feelings, since it hurts you in the long run to not talk about such stuff.
Kepp on going on :-)

Anonymous said...

The Yarn Harlot's been traveling all over North America with her dpn's. Of course, it may be different in the UK. I wonder if you took a North American airline if the boarding rules would be different. I know the airlines have SOME latitude.

Don't worry about your family reading your blog. They've probably been doing it for a long time. Anyway, F _ _ K 'em.

How's the hobby room revamp going?

kshotz said...

I read your blog every day.... and I very much appreciate your willingness to be open and honest, even vulnerable at times. Please know that there is at least one reader here in the middle of the USA who has gained strength and perspective because of you. Thank you!!!!!!!!!
Kim in IOWA

Anonymous said...

Colin, you are your own person now!
I can fully understand your initial fears re your family reading this blog...however, you have always been totally honest in your dealings with these people...they are the ones who have lied, cheated and behaved wickedly towards you, both in the past and the present.
If they do read your blog then they have two choices-they can try to fool themselves yet again by denying it all, or they can accept the truth.
Either way, it's up to them.
You are a brave man.
You are an honest man.
You are a good man.
Live your life..there is an old saying:-
" here's to them that wish us well...all the rest can go to (their own) hell!"
Those of us that know and love you wish you well.

Unknown said...


Yarnhog said...

I don't know what the rules are in the UK, but I've been able to travel in the U.S. and Continental Europe with my needles. The tiny, blunt, kindergarten scissors were more of a problem.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I like Vista and don't understand all the hoopla about it. People complain if the OS isn't secure and, then, complain because it checks to be sure it remains secure. Microsoft can't really win.

FuguesStateKnits said...

Hey Colin! I agree with the other posters here. A lot of people read blogs and if your family members decide to do that, so be it. Please keep on being you. If they don't like it, too freakin bad:)They'll have to get through all of us to get to you, buddy!
Joan in USA (well, they'd have to come a long way, but I don't budge easily, LOL!)

Knitting Rose said...

I want to just write you a little note. You should stay yourself on your blog - it can only help you and others CANNOT use it to hurt you. You are being honest and open and that is not a bad thing. It only reveals your heart (which is good) and others (who may not have your best interests) need to see that heart. I am so sorry for the pain your have endured. It hurts me in a physical way when I read some of the things you have gone through. But You have Not just survived, you have triumphed! You are living a GOOD life and you are happy. The past is gone. It helps make you who you are today -but it doesn't have to rule you. I am glad you have been able to keep going in a positive way. Thank you for posting FROM YOUR HEART. It shows.