Tuesday, May 06, 2008

New PC and stuff

I replaced my old PC which I had not realised was quite as old as it is!

I bought an HP Pavilion Elite. I can't believe how fast it is. I was not that impressed with Broadband. Now I know why. My old PC was slow and hence that limited the broadband.

This has 1TB of disc space (500gb internal and a removable 500gb drive). It has 3gb ram its an Intel Quad Core and ....now I am lost...lets just say it is fast and running smoothly. It means I can do more than one thing at a time which was very slow or not possible on my previous Pavilion.

I did not sleep at all well last night. Kept waking up and was in bed 5 hours though as I said kept waking up. I know this is because of the new PC. Strange as it may seem, until this new pc is settled and I have all my stuff on it, I won't feel settled. I have yet to figure out how to get my links and address book from the old one to this one. It is possible I know. I think I shall ask Michael next door to help me as he is a computer whiz.

For now, I did not buy a new monitor. I will as this one will be use don the old one, which I shall keep for now a sit has stuff, like my knitting design software on it and other stuff.

I also need desperately to sort this computer / knitting machine room out. It is a mess to say the least and it has got to the point I can't find stuff or move around easily!

The weather is sunny and warm. We have had a rather long and dull though not especially cold winter.

Shameless is at the point of her pregnancy where she has morning sickness and is not keen on eating though she is still eating some. It will usually pass after a week.


Anonymous said...

Hey Colin,

If you're using IE, here's how to move your bookmarks:

On the old Windows computer, open Internet Explorer.

Choose File > “Import and Export,” and follow the onscreen instructions to export your favorite bookmarks.

And that's the way you import the file on the new computer - by choosing "import" on the same menu.

Love those new socks!

Anonymous said...

Hallo Colin, I just bought the same new computer. Isn't it an amazing thing?!