Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A result!

I was prescribed Tramadol ages ago, over a year, and have never taken it because the list of side effects is long and unpleasant and I knew two people who had to stop taking it. It's a heavy pain killer.

Anyway, I bit the bullet Friday and took one. An hour later I took another(the recommended dose).

No side effects at all that I am aware of. And it is very good for stopping pain, almost completely. I was a little concerned at how much better I felt mentally, thinking it may be the drug hyping me, until it was pointed out to me that I was probably feeling good because I had stopped hurting.....

Like the NSAIDS I cannot take these drugs everyday. At least I know I can switch between the NSAIDS, Co Codomol and the Tramadol.



hokieknitter said...

The tramadol is about all that gets me through some days, when the RA pain is really bad. It makes me feel kind of euphoric, even while I'm still aware of the pain and made me over-talkative when I first started on it but that's eased off now (plus I became aware I was doing it). I'm so glad it helped you. Finding appropriate pain meds can be a grueling quest. And congrats on that earlier post on the weight loss. The difference is the photos is amazing, isn't it? Do be aware that complicated sock patterns knitted while adjusting to tramadol can result in some unusual deviations from their written directions. :-)

Knitquitations said...

I have taken Tramadol. The first time I took it, it worked well. I liked that it relieved my pain without making me completely loopy. It seemed much better to me than say hydrocodone which makes me very depressed and um constipated. Unfortunately, the second dose was not so good for me - allergic reaction. Too bad, I thought it was good otherwise.