Wednesday, April 09, 2008

No Sex Please

This is the 15th-16th day of season for Shameless and she is still not willing. She attacks Micah if he goes near her. I hope this is just because she is taking longer to come to the boil than usual, although it might be normal for her as she is still a maiden and this is only her second season.

This going slow lark is really helping me. Not just to save fuel costs-and it has done that by quite a lot. It cost me £42 to fill up from 1/4 full whereas it would normally have cost £49. Apart from that, my slowing down, easing up on the self imposed pressure, the not hurrying to do things, in other words giving myself a break, has really helped me feel better-more relaxed. This morning I did go for my swim but I swam only half a mile instead of my usual mile. I feel better for it. I
cut back because I have other things I need to do today-like bath dogs which is one of my jobs I cannot put off.

It was John's 61st birthday yesterday. Written down it seems so unlikely that he is 61! The pictures below were taken at Xmas.


Anonymous said...

John is my age - well, 7 months younger. How is it he stays so handsome? Could it be his vivacious partner?

I'm glad you're feeling better, my friend. I'm copying you (again) and trying the same things. It does work. I have lots more patience and tolerance this way.

Thank you for the good example.

LizzieK8 said...

Please pass on my best wishes to John! He's a handsome man!

Kerry said...

Happy belated birthday to John!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday John,2 very handsome men you are.

Annick said...

All my best wishes and happy birthday to John !