Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fundamental Change

It would seem that my emotional clear out of the last few months of last year has brought about more change than I thought and at a deeper level than I have been aware.

Every time I have been away from home I do not sleep at all well and do not poo. Both of these things combined makes being away very difficult. I get very tired and confused and physically bloated and feel pretty awful.

Last Xmas when we went to Mannheim and spent time with new friends Diana and Lui and Lia, I not only slept each night but pooed too! It was not so easy the first night and I didn't poo for a couple of days but it was much better than it normally was.

This trip to Belgium was entirely without those two problems. I slept well from the first night and my bathroom habits remained normal. Phew!

This tells me that something has changed within me. I think part of that change is feeling more secure. Whatever it is, the change is obvious and shows itself in being able to sleep and have normal gut action when I am not on familiar ground.


Firelily (Barb in Irving) said...

Good for you!!!! It worked for me. It is really painful to experience the emotions you have stuffed and at first you can't tell there is a change. You are so exhausted and emotionally drained and then one day it hits you!!!! "Hey, I didn't used to react like this! I have made a difference!!!!!!!!" I am so happy for deserve happiness and freedom.
love ya,
Barb in Irving

CP Warner said...

Wow, that's a terrific battle won, Colin! You'll be able to travel more now, I bet, and enjoy it more.

Not being facetious at all here, but I must say, the older I get, the more I appreciate proper body function in all regions! Poo included. :-)

I'm happy for you, that this trip turned out so well in so many ways.

anachronist said...

That is great news, not being 'stuffed up' and tired makes a difference, for sure.

Keep up being good to you :-)