Thursday, September 27, 2007

This ,That and The Other

You could say I am down. Or maybe just not up. Though really it's not level but more down.

I have had two mouth ulcers since I got got back from Germany and now have a cold sore. I am tired. I keep feeling tearful. I am not in a great deal of pain, in fact this a good period as regards that.

I started using my light box yesterday.

I have had some bother at the swimming pool. They keep using the disabled changing room as a store room. We have no usable lockers. It is not clean. And now they are letting non disabled people use the only shower. This means that persons like myself have to wait around in the cold getting stiffer and more pained.

I have complained several times about the lack of proper facilities, the cavalier attitude to us and the lack of cleanliness. It has only resulted in me being ignored by the staff and gossiped about and generally subtly ostracised. None of my complaints have been taken seriously.

I decided to just to stop complaining. I need to swim. It does me a lot of good. If I have to put with disrespect and unsanitary conditions and unpleasant staff, so be it. My health is important. If I switch off from it I won't feel stressed and my going swimming won't be threatened. It is so typical of this country., We are treated like shit, people in general, service everywhere is appalling and we are expected to put up with it. If we don not and complain, we are labelled mad bad and dangerous and eventually forced to shut up and put up with it.

On the good side, I now swim half a mile 5 mornings a week.

Today, I did the back and front and collar of a Mongolian cashmere sweater. This is on my SR830 fine gauge machine. I am very pleased with it so far. Will complete tomorrow I think.

My friend Gail came around to see me tonight. She has just returned from a working ranch holiday in Montana. If you call cattle rounding and up at 6am a holiday! She thoroughly enjoyed herself though.It was really good to see her face so lit up. Gail has had breast cancer. She ran the London Marathon last year , a week after finishing her radiation/chemo! I admire Gail.

Luna is very very large. Her pups are due on the 6th.

My friends Dawn and Ron are on a Mediterranean cruise right now. They are back on the 7th and a week later they will come up to visit and take Shilpa back with them. They already own Moon and now will own Shilpa too.

I have fallen over 3 times this week. For no reason I could see or think of. One minute I was standing and the next I had lost my balance. With the kitchen fall that makes 4 times in about two weeks. The kitchen fall was clear-water on tiles but the other 3 were just loss of balance.

Tomorrow is Friday and John will be home in the evening. I am looking forward to his return. I am going to give a talk in Swaffham on Sunday evening.

Socks-have completed John's navy pair, my Tofutsies and just have one 2nd to do of the Amazon Knights. I am also part way through the first sock of a pair for Gail in multicoloured Blue Faced Leicester.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you are feeling badly and that they are treating you with disrespect. This sort of thing makes me very angry.

I'm not in a great space, right now, myself. At some point, I will tell about it, but feel I can't do it right now. Suffice to say, it's up there.

It will be nice when the pups are born.

Please try to be careful until your equilibrium returns.

Probably Jane said...

Hi Colin

Thank you for your compliment on the sock pattern on my blog - you are a fine knitter so I consider it to be praise indeed.

I think they might suit you very well - sober with just a hint of mischief!

Anonymous said...

Feel better, Knitman. Sure, there are nasty people out there and yes, some of us westwards have less sense of humor, but there are those in the blogosphere that wish you well. Even if we have only just "found" you and your blog. Looking forward to seeing Luna's wee ones. And it's just as well you're not near, I have a terrible addiction to blue faced leicester in all it's forms.

Anonymous said...

my cousin just moved to the UK and he said that customer service does not exist - he is appalled at the treatment he has rec'd in businesses.

As for the falling - perhaps an inner ear problem esp with all of the swimming. I have to be very careful of water getting in my ears because then I start falling. I don't always have ear pain either. worth checking

hope all is better soon - glad John will be home Friday

anachronist said...

That is plain not good business practise in the pool. Is there a way you can be heard in the right place about it? It should not be that disabled are treated so bad, nor should it be that healthy people use the disabled showers, they can use the ones made for them for crying out loud. It angers me to hear about such things.

You are a busy sock knitter :-) I finished only a pair of kids socks in that time you are doing three adult mens socks. Maybe I just dont sit down long enough to get things done.