Sunday, September 23, 2007

Me Knitting Video

This is how I knit. In this video I am knitting a sock on 1 long circular. However, I knit the same no matter what I am knitting.

I am not knitting as smoothly or as fast in this video -just because I was being watched closely! ;-)

I find this method of knitting fast and comfortable and efficient.


I did this without my headphones on and had no idea the video had sound until Iris(silly stitcher) said so in her comment!


Anonymous said...

Sat here,trying to figure out how I knit without knitting in my hands. I think I do knit the same way as you, only I hold my right hand slightly differently, I wind the yarn between my fingers and tension the yarn around my little finger which sticks up in the air. My friend says I knit posh! LOL

Anonymous said...

You are faster under scrutiny than I am relaxed! Of course, that goes without saying, since you manage to finish things so quickly!

Did you film this at a dog show? I see your tag and hear the dogs.

It was really fun to hear your voice.

JeanTownsend said...

I loved watching this video so much. Your accent and the way you throw your yarn. I hear puppies in the background. Are you at a dog show.

annette2u said...

Hi Colin
Wow you knit just like I do. I don't use a long throw either and it goes so much faster. Great job and thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

I use the same method and call it flicking as opposed to throwing or picking. It definitely made my stitch tension much more even. I do knit slower than you do but still at a reasonable clip.

DonnaC said...

You knit so fast and fluidly. No wonder your knitted items are so beautiful. My dog's ears perked up when she heard the dogs in the backround!

busy knitter said...

I love to watch people knit. It is very interesting. I knit similar but only when I get a really good rhythym going. It looks alot like the movements of a tatting shuttle when you work your yarn. Hope the pups did well for you...Mandy

busy knitter said...

I love to watch people knit. I knit similar when I get a really good rhythym going. The motion you make is very similar to tatting movements. Enjoy that too. Hope the pups did well... Mandy

Bets said...

It is great seeing you knit and hearing your voice :D My knitting teacher was Norwegian - I love to see all the different styles.

FuguesStateKnits said...

It's funny. I still love to watch people knit - and your video is no exception. You have a nice voice -much as I thought it would be, even gentler. Your puppies in the background?
Looks like it was a lovely day!
Hope you are feeling better:)

cmm said...

thank you for your video. That is the way I knit also.

Thank you also for all the Cat video links. This is so wonderful for me as I have no knitting mentor and I am a sight learner. This finally made two circulars "click" for me and I can't wait to give it a try.

Debi B said...

Thanks, Colin, for your video!!! I knit this way, too!
I still can't knit as fast as I'd like. I timed myself at the "Harlot"s request last week and was getting about 35 stitches per minute. The range that she listed was from 16 to 75 stitches per minute, which leaves me kind of on the lower middle end. I have so much knitting to do that I'd love to get my speed up just a little. Thanks again!!!

Anonymous said...

Watched your video clip, Colin. I knit the same way. It's the way my mother taught me, way back at the beginning of time:-)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the demo Colin. I am also curious as to what the little dangly
thing was on the side of your needles. Is it a counter?
This is the way I knit as well, now I know what it is called. My knitting
roots are Nova scotian, via Newfoundland and the North of England

Anonymous said...

I just now had the opportunity to watch your video. Everything Jeanie said is so true. Your voice with the deep tone and the British sexy!
I knit the same way that you do....I can knit with 1 color in each hand, so I guess I could do the Continental method, but why bother? I can go "lickty split" with the "throwing" method......why fix it if it ain't broken?
Thank you for the awesome video....loved the dog's comments in the background.

CP Warner said...

Neat to see you knitting, Colin! And also to hear your voice and those of the pups. :-)

I guess I'm the odd man out here. I'm a picker. Yarn carried in left hand. Taught by a German lady in the early 1980s, and while I can throw clumsily, I doubt I'll ever get to a point where I can flick as effortlessly as you do! I know you said you are going slower than usual in the vid clip, but it looks pretty darn fast to me!

Your/my sweater went sailing this weekend. I'll post pics on my blog soon so you can see. It kept me nice and warm on a foggy, sunless day, though I must say, I wish I had thought to bring my silk longjohns to wear, too. No sun, lots of fog, and a darn good wind. Brrrrr!!! but I would do it again, just remembering to bring more layers of clothing next time.

Glad you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

We knit much differently, partly because I'm left handed and clumsy. No wonder your work is so beautiful! You are definitely a master knitter.


FuguesStateKnits said...

P.S. Like mad angel, I too am a picker (sounds awful, LOL!). Knitting just goes faster for me that way, but I do have to watch the gauge/tension as it causes me to knit more loosely than I would like. I do knit "English style" with one of the strands when I'm knitting Fair Isle, though. And it gets interesting when they break the rules and there's more than one color per row, LOL.
I also note you are using the Magic Loop method with circs? I just learned that and it's been a revelation. (Of course I learned it after purchasing a whole bunch of dp sock needles!!!)
Such is life:)
Joan a/k/a FSK

Sheila said...

That's how my grandmother knit! I never learned to knit when she was alive. I tried but pulled the stitches so tight that I could barely get a needle into the stitch. It's a pity that I now knit all the time and she is gone. She would have loved to see the video and know that the way she knits has a name.

Sonya said...

My knitting style is very similar to yours with the index finger flicking the yarn over the needle. I am getting more comfortable with continental though since I've been doing quite a bit of stranded knitting lately. Thanks for posting the video! I always enjoy seeing how other knitters knit.

Anonymous said...

Oh my word, that is the coolest way of knitting I've ever seen! It is almost like your hands are shuttles. I'm a "picker" and knit continental style. Is this the same, just held differently? Somehow I stumbled on your blog today, I think I found it on the sock knitters list or something. Your voice is very cool. You know we Americans LOVE a British Accent. Thanks for showing the knitting!