Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Remember that Norweigian style sweater I made that I wasn't happy with? Well, it fits my friend Linda perfectly! So glad I didn't dump it!


Jinx said...

This is very neatly done! It looks just great with your friend, congratulations!


Wannietta said...

It's gorgeous & looks like you made it for her!

Any day(year) now I'm going to get my machine out and really use it. You are certainly an inspiration.

Bev said...

And it is so gorgeous. I'll bet your friend was

Anonymous said...

that sweater is really special
& it's nice when you have a
friend who appreciates the
work you put into it

Anonymous said...

That sweater looks gorgeous on your friend, Colin! And the dogs are just
magnificent--right now in the states we're in the middle of the Westminster
Kennel Club dog show, with the winner due to be chosen tonight. I watch it
on TV now, but 30 years ago I used to go with friends; we never watched the
judging--we were too busy petting everything in sight back in the benching
area. The high point of my experiences there was being slept on by a Great
Pyrenees.:) I have my beloved cats now, but I'm considering adopting a dog
from the animal shelter. I am filled with admiration for the meticulous
attention and love you lavish on both your dogs and your sweaters--it's a
wonderful testament to you as a person! --Pat & Paws

Anonymous said...

Oh, man! Lucky Linda!

I'm sorry to hear your body parts weren't working lately. Mine aren't doing so well right now,
either. I had back surgery and am taking delightful "la la" pills. I am totally punchy - no pain
at all. My husband is threatening to hit me with a hammer. He he he he he.


Denise said...

Colin, I am so glad that your beautiful Norwegian sweater fits Linda!! and she looks so happy modeling it, too.

TutleyMutley said...

Shock! YOu wouldn't really have dumped it, would you? The photo is a bit too dark for me to see - is it the Norwegian mark 1? (ah I found the post - Christmas Day)
Linda looks very pleased with it.
I like seed patterns.

Kathryn said...

Linda is one lucky gal! What a beautiful sweater! And I love your
doggies as well.

Linda Robbo said...

Love the sweater so warm and cosy to wear in the North East as it can be so cold up here.

Moon and Luque are still not hetting down to the business but just waiting for the time to come. I am sure Colin will tell you when its all systems go

Cheers and much big big thanks for the sweater I am very happy to show off your work - I also love the grey stripie on xx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous sweater Colin, it really suits Linda