Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Micah and Shameless

This is Micah and his daughter, Shameless at 11 weeks of age. I am very pleased with her. She looks very promising and her temperament suggests she is aptly named!


Wannietta said...

She is just freakin' adorable! I would love to get a little doggie; I'm going to wait until the kids are a bit older (gone) and then I can devote all of my non-knitting attention on him/her.

mad angel said...

Beautiful, just beautiful!

The Norwegian Sweater looks good, too. Glad it fits your friend so nicely.

Am I mistaken, Colin, or do you have an Etsy store? Seems to me I had a look around once, but I might not be remembering correctly. If I am, though, could you send me a link sometime?

cp "at" mad-angel "dot" com

Maxine Sheehan said...

As usual your dogs are adorable. I don't knowhow you manage to look after their coats so well. They always look in the peak of health.

As for Shameless - you've gone and done it now. In my experience alllpets, particularly dogs, will live up to or down to their names. I have had dozens of dogs over the years (a lot of aged rescues - mostly hounds) and have alwaysfound it to be the case. Very best wisheswith Shameless and her show career.