Wednesday, February 07, 2007

House of Lust

Well I've been sick. SARS, Bird Flu, or just the common cold. Take your pick. So I have done **** all except sit around and watch dvd's and listen to music, mainly Restless(Janis Ian) over and over til the dogs dogs told me to 'give it a f*****g rest'.
My left side decided not work properly. First off my arm which became pretty useless. No sooner was I able to touch my self again, my left leg decided to go on strike. The dogs thought this was funny. 'oh look, poor thing, his legs buggered,he can't get us, so we can stay out....' I love them too.
Now I am back to normal, hobbling and joints that snap crackle and pop.

Whilst all this was going on, all 4 girls that can breed, decided they wanted to. So they all are in season. Yes, they synchronize their periods just like girls in college dorms(so I am told).
We had had fights and lesbian floor shows. If I had my movie camera handy, I'd have filmed it and made dvd's to sell to dirty old dogs and owners of reluctant stud dogs...

Poor Micah got very confused and just didn';t know which one to shag. The Dax of course is out but she is his favourite, probably cos she is a right slapper. She has been a nightmare, shoving her rump at anything that moves. His sister is out for obvious reasons. Turns out Frauke can't breed, persistant hymen, so she was out. But Luna, who wanted him and was allowed to, he ignored! What to do? Let Tilly the Dax be his fluffer and then whip her away and put Luna in her place. Worked well, once I gave him a helping hand.
On Saturday I have a 500 mile round trip to do to allow Moon to meet up with a black and white hunk. That is if the snow doesn't thow a spanner into the works.

I'll be glad when this period of lust is over. It is exhausting playing who what where as they can't all go out together and it isn't just a mtter of keeping him away, ahve to keep certian girls away from others cos they fight, especially Nechung the neutered one who thinks just cos she aint getting any, no one else should.,...And Shameless, the pup, thinks it is ahoot and loves to wind them up...

Bet you wish I'd stayed away, but hey, we can't have everything.


CP Warner said...

Colin, girls who work in the same place also tend to get synchronized after awhile. Mothers and daughters in the same house,too. And while it isn't always everyone at exactly the same moment, it's usually bang-bang-bang, one after another, like some Domino effect Stephen King could have dreamed up. ;-)

My whole household had some weird kind of stomach bug this week, so I had to be careful not to laugh too hard at the description of your doggies' activities. I had forgotten how long the aftereffects of projectile vomiting can make you ache. ;-P

Glad you are on the mend, and glad I checked in for a read before heading off to work...where at least two of the girls are having PMS. O, happy day...



Anonymous said...

MAkes me releived I own a boy dog and he's neutered.... but I look forward to seeing the new pups..

Crossing everything you get some

Shameless is beautiful, will you be at Crufts this year?

Anonymous said...

You're a hoot you know that. I love reading your blog since I'm English in my heart and miss talking to my cousin. He passed on 4 years ago, they lived in London for a long time so his accent was a bit strong but I miss him terribly. Thanks for making me smile after a very long day.