Thursday, December 28, 2006

How To Enjoy Xmas

Enjoying Xmas is easy.


Years ago, we both realised that we did Xmas purely for other one's benefit. Niether of us enjoyed it. In fact we rather dreaded it.

I never did like Xmas except for when I was very little, before I was old enough to feel and see what was really going on.

Now, we don't do anything. No presents. Silly to buy presents when we get what we want thru the year anyway.

No decorations, no tree, no daft hats, no lights, no turkey( hate bloody turkey), no getting drunk, no arguing, no tears, no histrionics, no martyrdom, no prentending to like a really tacky present, no wondering about the cost. No insults. No family.

Xmas is BLISS for us every year.

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Anonymous said...

Our little nuclear families have maybe wayyyy too much in common...and it's not really a "bah! humbug!" it's self preservation as far as I can discern and realizing that we are blessed and blessing year 'round