Friday, December 22, 2006

28 days

Puppy Pile
Bertrum Bear
Olga-the Russian Shotputter....
Finty, the mother is fed up! Now 2 years and a quarter.
Tilly is almost 5 years old now.
Not bad for a few months of 60 is he?(John) Nechung just turned 9.Life Behind Bars


Mary Beth said...

Great names, they seem to fit each pup perfectly. How gorgeous everyone is! (You're not bad either :)

adele said...

I just read your blog and I was ROTFLAPMP!!! In the future, I'm sure there are plenty of women here to answer your questions.
The puppies are beautiful. I'd love to have one. My two dogs are aging quickly and require much more of my time now.

Merry Christmas!

Gail said...

Those little faces are just too precious. I just want to cuddle them
I got quite a chuckle of your men in tights post too. You had me
laughing so hard. I like tights myself. Hate nylon pantyhose but love
cotton tights.
Your aran sweater is coming out quite beautifully too. Just love that
color and your pattern is stunning.

Karen said...

The puppies are so cute. Thank God I already have two dogs
The Aran knit is very nice. That must be hard doing all the stitch manipulations. i used to knit but haven't in about 8 years. I just gained interest again. I'm so rusty it's not even funny. Good luck with the puppies and finishing the Irish knit

Liz said...

Gorgeous...... and their names SO fit their looks!!

Incidently, mountaineers and potholers started wearing them as soon as
they came in in the early 60s. My brother was one .......

Chris said...

Colin, Your puppies are beautiful, John certainly doesn't look anywhere near
60.40 maybe and quite handsome.and your tights story is funny. Maybe you
need to knit some legwarmers.

bev said...

Puppies are adorable. John's a doll. But that collar
is to die for. I mean the collar on the unfinished
Aran posted at 1:58 PM. Can you share the

Jill Schaefer said...

I believe my favorite pup is Stormbreaker. :-) Although I just want to spoil all of them.

Margeret said...

Happy Xmas to you too Colin. Love the babies update photos. They really are
growing well.

sal the spider said...

Happy Christmas honey! Love to you all and bottoms up for 2007!!! Have you got a filter on that camera? John is gorgeous and I don't believe for a minute that he is the age you say he is. My beloved is 46 but not wearing as well as yours ;-) All the very best
Love and a big hug
Sal xxx

sillyewe said...

You are hilarious! And the cute. Very apt names, too, I might add. Especially Olga. She really does look like an Olga, doesn't she? heh heh Great Norwegian! That's how I found ya. Keep up the great work.