Wednesday, December 13, 2006

4.10pm sky today

I just quickly snapped this out of my bedroom window because I thought it looked beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Colin, the picture of the sky is beautiful. Your
sweater is gorgeous and the neckline is outstanding.

As for the little ones, I can smell the puppy breath.
Just love that smell when you are snuggling the puppy.

Anonymous said...

Again, Colin, WOW! The sweater (gorgeous patterning), the puppies
(Maude is perfectly adorable), the sunset, life does have it's sweet
moments and thank you for sharing some of yours

Sue J. said...

What a beautiful sunset, sweater and puppy! I am awestruck by your knitting skills. Hope I can do that well some day. Thanks for sharing. Your babies are adorable.
Sue J.

Anonymous said...

Great pic! Hope the pups are doing alright. :-)

Anonymous said...

Sunset is gorgeous--you could submit it for a contest!