Friday, December 01, 2006

7 Days

Puppies at 7 days(01/12/06). Note that the two brindle pups and the brindle and white pups will be silver and silver and white as adults. The gold pup will be a paler gold as adult.

They are all doing very well and more than doubled their birth weight.


Mary Beth said...

Colin: the brindle will turn silver? I would never have guessed that. How adorable they are: see those tiny white toes on the brindle in the fore?
I am eagerly awaiting my new digital camera, not an SRL like yours, but inspired by your camera purchase...Mwahahahaha!
Love the pink ladies sweater, are you going to put it in your Esty store? Good idea. I always get "charged" upon seeing your beautifully done work. You must be feeling better (I do hope so)
Ihope this isn't a duplicate comment (I'm Blogger befuddled here)

Anonymous said...

Adorable! Makes me just want to cuddle with them. :-) Thanks for the update.