Saturday, July 15, 2006

Two of Ten

Left home at 1.30am this morning for a dog show and got back at 8pm after doing a round trip of 550 miles.

Moonlight enjoyed herself again and was placed 2nd out of 10 minor puppy bitches. A very nice bitch beat her to 1st as she did last week.

The owner of this girl asked me if I was at next weeks show and I replied I would be. Oh, she said, you may do better there. Why? I asked. 'I won't be there,' was her reply. What do you say to that?

Moonlight has now been to three shows and each time has qualified for Cruft's, one 3rd (0f 9), one 2nd of 15 and one 2nd of 10. I am very pleased with that.

One thing did mar it for me today. I had more trouble with my balance today, part of my condition. Anyway, I fell over as I was about to enter the ring. I was of course only using one stick as I can't show Moon and use two. Anyhow, I tried to stop the fall and get Moon out of the way at the same time. Right next to me, a group of young and middle aged able bodied men stood. These 'gentlemen' watched me stagger and try to right myself and then watched me fall flat on the ground. They just stood there as I struggled to get myself back up. I am lost for words.


Unknown said...

I'm glad Moonlight did well...I don't know what I would have said to a comment like that, either. As far as those "men" that watched you fall, I would have had choice words to say. I'm sassy like that. Good for you to keep it together and show your gal at her best.

Angie said...

That is horrible Colin ..Jezz I remember falling over a heap of baskets( at M&S) to save a falling old lady once .Thoughts of how easily Mum breaks bones these days spurred me on but it's a natural re-action .Men maybe but not gentlemen.Anyhow well done to you both and for yoyr courage .angie.

Anonymous said...

Well done on getting a second place with moonlight :-)
Also I'm glad you are managing to do the shows.
Looking forward to seeing you on crufts next year
Pam x

Anonymous said...

What would I have said to that woman when she made that comment? One word. Bitch. Appropriate for a dog show, right? :-)

Suzi Jarboe said...

I personally have physical problems and can understand when things go wrong and people act like nothing happens. I'm sure they thought you had a bit too much alcohol. That seems the only reason an able bodied person would ignore that kind of thing. Either that or they were just asses you know the long eared kind. No brains. And no manners. I am glad I found your blogger group through you, I now have my own blogger. Thankyou. And congrats on qualifying for Crufts with your little lady. I once showed Great Danes here in the states. Suzi

debolsillo said...

It's my first reading of your blog, I don't know how kind of phisical trouble do you have, but these people don't deserve a simple thought. I agree Jill Schaefer about the answer to the owner of the other puppie.

Anonymous said...

Someone who stands by and watches a man using a stick and holding a dog stumble and fall is not a man. He's a horse's rump.

Colin, you are my favorite blogspot.


Karen said...

I would have said something very naughty.exlax comes to mind would you like some chocolate gum my dear? hee hee

DJ said...

Wonderful sweater as usual. And as far as the lady whose dog got 'first', I'd say that you are applying the "B" word to the wrong creature! I'm sure she qualifies much more than Moon. LOL And as far as that group of so-called men, well hrrmph! My DH is somewhat bigotted and prejudiced and it embarasses me somehthing awful sometimes, but I just realized that in spite of that he really isn't such a bad guy. He never let's an opportunity to offer assistance pass by without proper action no matter what his personal feelings are toward something. I wonder what those men were taught by their Mothers. I can tell you that there are some of us Mothers and Grandmothers out here teaching our young people to be more considerate and kind to everyone they meet, whether they are the 'same' or not! Oh, goodness I'm getting dizzy up here, now stepping off my soapbox. (g)
You have many friends out here, please don't forget it.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful sweater, Colin. About the male bystanders. I know a few
blokes who would think that offering their help would cause a
further loss of dignity to a man! That if we ignore an embarrassing
situation it isn't happening, or to assist atttracts more
attention. On their part, to try to assist and be uncoordinated or
inept would be personally threatening. Then there is the
whole "gang thing" that prevented any who had the impusle to help
from following through. A very sad outcome of our loss of family,
community, and sense of connectedness. Some of my nearest and
dearest cringe if I approach a lone mum breastfeeding a young baby
to offer to get her a drink of water. It is "not my business" It
is "interrupting" and it may show up the members of her group who
left her there "in peace". Too bad we can't just be neighbors and
show we care.

Anonymous said...

I really love that sweater!!!! What a great way to use up ods and ends of cones...they way it colored out is just beautiful!! Makes me think of a tiger kind of coloring. I like the looks of the slanted drop shoulder armhole too. Think I'll try that one.

Anonymous said...

This sure doesn't look like any sweater or knitted article using left over
yarn to me. I love rust, and all of these other colors. This looks like a
variegated yarn. Were the yarn you used variegated or solid color?

carole in paree said...

hourray for Moonlight, she's a star!

Cheeky bitch (the owner not the pup) you shoudl have said "too bad, I wanted to beat you next time", I mean how can she think just 'cause she she placed first once, sh'd be first every time, isn't it somewhat subjective? the pups humour, the owners attitude, the weather, the judges... I am sure Moonlight will come in first one of these days but second is SUPER!

Anonymous said...

Colin the new sweaters are lovely, you have accomplished so much this summer. Hugs for Moon clever girl and for you too. Keeping you in my thoughts wish they could actually help you over this icky part of the summer.

Safe trip, have fun and come home soon, you are missed.

Cathy in Niagara