Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The drive from Calais was uneventful and smooth. Although the distance was more or less the same as from home to Edinburgh(over 300 miles) it was far less stressful and quicker because the roads are no where near as crowded. Belgium is always busy, busy, busy, lord knows why, but even so, it did not hinder us greatly. Strangely, as soon as one leaves Belgium into whichever country, the traffic disappears. Weird.

We arrived at our Hotel in Koblenz. We are on the ninth floor. Now this would have a been a problem for me a few years ago but not any more. Have no idea why my epiphany of 2007 after a terrible ‘dark night of the soul’ which lasted 6 mths, should not just bring about the realisation that there had never been anything wrong with me but with those who abused me, should also take away many of my phobias.

Wandering around last night, I saw a Goth man with long flowing blonde hair. He was really quite attractive and other worldly. Reminded me of Vampire Eric in True Blood before he got his hair cut (big mistake me thinks).

I forgot to mention that we met the most delightful and precocious baby girl in the Calsi Ibis. She was only nine moths. She was crawling on the floor in reception and as soon as she saw me coming along on Big Daniel she crawled toward me. She was fascinated and used her hands to feel the wheels, back and front, the wiring. She was really absorbing it all and using her hands and she also studied me. Her father came to take her away and I told him she was okay. We got talking. I knew straight away he was German, and educated, because he sounds just like our German friend Lui who is educated and a teacher and speaks English more poshly than I do. Anyway, I was most impressed by this baby girl, so eager to explore the world and I am certain  she has great intelligence.

At lunch today, we ate outside and unfortunately we were plagued by flies. The waitress thought it may have been that we both ate fish meals (seafood tagliatelle for John and seafood salad for me). Whatever, it spoiled our lunch. There was also a baby girl here too. We couldn’t figure out if was special or just had unusual looks.

It has not been overly warm, about 70 and , for me, a bit chilly in the breeze. No rain though. Yesterday we had plenty of rain. It seems that most of northern Europe is having the same crap summer that the UK is having.

Apart from not sleeping well, which really surprises me, I am doing okay. The last few times, since 07, I have had no trouble sleeping. I am sleeping but waking every hour or so and dreaming vividly. I think it will settle down. i do hope so. i hate closing my eyes and going straight into High Definition Cinemascope. It is tiring.


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