Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I am very pleased with the results of taking the anti-inflammatories.  By the second dose I was in much less pain.  Today is my third day on them and I cannot believe how well I am doing and how well I feel and how my mood has improved.  It would appear that my mood of the last few weeks was being caused by the amount of pain I was in!

It is very difficult to explain that when one is in 24/7 pain it can be very difficult to know just how severe that pain is. It is not acute pain like when you break a bone. It is much more like toothache which just gets worse and worse and worse and because it is always there one loses awareness of it but that does not mean one does not feel crap!

I have been taking more medication and worrying about that even though I have been told that I ought not to worry and to take as much morphine as I need.  It is easier said than done.

Anyway as soon as I started to take the anti-inflammatories I halved my intake of tramadol and have only taken morphine twice.  And my mood is back to its normal positive self.

The downside is that I cannot take anti-inflammatories for longer than one week! Drugs like aspirin, Ibuprofen, Nurofen, etc are DANGEROUS.  For everybody.  They can damage your kidneys and your heart.  They also increase the likelihood of stroke.  They need to be taken as a course just like antibiotics in order for their anti-inflammatory property to work.  So when I have finished this course I will not be able to do this again several months although hopefully the effects will last for quite some time before I am back to where I started.

I went swimming this morning and I did not take any morphine beforehand because I did not need it.  However, much to my surprise my swim was very difficult I felt as if I were swimming in treacle and my left arm went numb which I have not experienced the quite some time.  Still, it is better than pain.  My neck felt strange when I got out of the pool and 30 minutes ago I had to pop a morphine pill because my neck have become really painful and I was not able to move it! I think that is weird! The neck problem and my left arm going numb was one of the very first symptoms I ever experienced years ago now which alerted me and my doctors to my problem.

Bodies are very strange things!

Before I forget, I dyed five hanks of yarn yesterday afternoon. Not only was I able to do it without pain but I also felt really motivated to.  All this because of the humble aspirin!

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