Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Since I wrote my last piece I have felt much better!  I woke up yesterday and I just knew it was going to be a better day.  Today has started off well as well.  I do not feel as if I am trying to move in treacle. May be just the act of writing how I was feeling was enough to purge the feeling?

I am really looking forward to our holiday.  We only have about 10 days until we leave.  I really enjoy driving and I am looking forward to the long drives.  I have split the driving so that on day one I have 200 miles to do, on day two 350 miles, days three, none, days four 350 miles.  Then three days of no driving followed by one day 350 miles, followed by four days of no driving, followed by one day of 400 miles, and then finally 160 miles home on the last day.  I am confident that this will not be overtaxing for me.  (John does not drive.)

There is still no sign of any of the girls being in season but I am very confident that Whitney will come in in the next week or so as she always does.  However I am not going to breathe and I do want to be both Carly and Edna and of course they are showing no signs! Edna will be mated to Luque and Carly will be visiting a friend’s dog.

I have just finished 1 foot off John socks using my own dyed yarn.  I died this yarn using various shades of blue and much to my surprise John said he liked it and would wear a pair of socks made from it.  I am half way up the other foot.  I admit my socks simultaneously so that I do not have what is known as Second Sock Syndrome.

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