Friday, August 13, 2010


I think I have come to the conclusion that I am bored and this is what has been causing me to feel the way I have been feeling recently.  I read someone’s comment to another person on Facebook and it was as if that comment had been written to me.  It spoke about boredom and how we need change from our everyday lives.  As soon as I read it I realised that that is just how I feel.  I have not felt excited about getting up out of bed for quite a while.I have not felt excited about knitting yet more socks. In fact, I have not really felt excited about much except my coming holiday.

I have plenty to do until then like I have to sort out the clothes I am going to take and do a lot of washing.  I think also I am going to do some dyeing because that does excite me still.

The trouble with boredom and getting into a rut, it can be self-perpetuating.  The more bored you get the less inclined one feels to do anything! Nothing to do but shake myself out of this and get on with some dyeing and I also think I want to get on my knitting machines. I have an idea for a waist coat.  Whatever I think if I start to play around I will soon get my self absorbed in it.

For my own record: sleeping is becoming more disturbed because of pain.  Severe pain in my rib cage and / or my hips wakes me and I have to change my position. Changing position is difficult and painful until I have done it.  I immediately get relief then and I fall back to sleep until the next bout wakes me up and I have to change sides again.

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