Monday, August 16, 2010


I will be spending this week, getting together the clothes I need to take with me for our trip. I am really looking forward to going away.

Yesterday I started to take 600 mg of aspirin three times a day.  The effect was almost immediate.  I feel better all over, and my feet are especially much less painful.  The trouble is, anti-inflammatories are not good for one’s heart or kidneys.  I already have CHD and higher BP.  Of course my BP is kept low with drugs.  However, I retain water very quickly (I have already gained four pounds since yesterday) and this is not good. I can only take the aspirin at these doses for five days. Anti-inflammatories need to be used as a course, just like one would with antibiotics. Hopefully this will dial down my body’s inflammation for the time that we are away.  I am already needing less of the other drugs, and the last two doses, I have not taken any morphine and have only taken half of my usual amount of tramadol.

We took Tukka and Mary-Grace into town yesterday, so that they get used to the hustle and bustle of people and traffic.  They really did very well.

I am enjoying the book, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  So much so that I read for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon instead of my usual reading only in bed when I retire for the night.

I have almost finished knitting John’s socks, being well up the leg on both. He also likes one of the yarns that I cannot sell because the yarn has not been spun properly, and it is given the dye a two tone effect. Recently, John has begun to wear colour! it started with him buying colourful T-shirts and shirts, and then underwear.  Now he is wanting more colourful socks.  I am not going to complain as it is much more interesting to knit with my more colourful yarns!

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