Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I had to see the doctor yesterday because I realised I did not have enough tramadol for the holiday.  My own doctor is on holiday so I had to see a man called Dr Pearce.  I noted that he was wearing a very nice tie. I own the exact same tie. However, he has rather put me off it because he wore his tie with a totally inappropriate shirt! The tie is a beautiful lilac with a really nice flower pattern on it in deep colours.  He wore a red and white striped shirt with it!

It is cold here again today and I have just put the heating on.  I did this yesterday and by the afternoon the temperature outside was in the 80s(27c).  I imagine today is going to be somewhat similar.

I am trying to decide what to take with me when we go away.  I have sorted out the shirts and T-shirts and nightwear that I am taking and the trousers that I am taking but I am somewhat flummoxed as to the hats and shoes.  I cannot really take a lot of either so I need to make sure that what I do take will more or less go with everything.  I have just realised that I have not even begun to think about jackets.  Gosh in the old days when I was so into hiding myself it was really simple because I just took a couple of pairs of sweat pants and sweatshirts!  I cannot believe I used to dress like that!

When I was talking about this with John last night and we were talking about what needed to go into the car I included the large suitcase and then I thought oh and then there is the camera bag and my knitting bag and …and he started to laugh. He said when have we ever taken just one suitcase?!

I am really looking forward to this break.  Germany is such a beautiful country and there is lots to see.  There are many very old places and there are museums and castles and galleries.  We will spend the first two nights in Koblenz and then we will move on to Dresden for four nights and then back south-west to Mannheim.  Dresden is the furthest east we have been.  What we will probably do is set the Sat Nav for part of the journey so that it will not take us on the autobahn.  This way we usually see lots of delightful little villages and nice scenery.  How long we do it for depends on how long it is taking.  I prefer to drive only in daylight and besides which we do not want to get to the hotels late because we have to eat and unpack and all that sort of thing.

To  Remote Knitter: the school you refer to is Bourne School, the grammar school.  This had a very long staircase up the hell.  Alexandra junior school did not.  I do not know where you live but we lived at 34 Goodwood Road Sussex Gardens Estate.  1967 to 1971. Putting aside the horrible stuff, I loved Singapore. It was very exciting. The sounds and the smells and the people and homes made of palm leaves. The food.  The stalls on the side of the road where you could have a meal or buy fruit drinks in plastic bags and with straws.  I used to play in the jungle and I was not afraid of the snakes and knew that if I saw one to just keep still until it went away.  Now I cannot even see a snake on the television without lifting my feet up off the ground! I still check my shoes before I put them on I turned upside down give them a good shake just in case there are snakes or scorpions in them!  The very thought makes me shudder.  I was much braver when I was a boy!  I do not think I started to become afraid until after I realised how much danger I was in from my father.

Still none of my girls are in season.  Not even Whitney who is usually on the button.  I want to breed both Carly and Edna but preferably not at the same time.  However I may not be given the choice as it will not surprise me if Carly and Edna decide to come in season when Whitney does as girls usually synchronise their seasons the same way that women synchronise their periods when they live together.

I am very pleased to report that the upgrade of my Dragon voice recognition software does actually work much better than the previous version.

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