Friday, August 08, 2008


I am just about okay today and will be off for my swim once I have written this.

The show went well with Micah and Whitney both achieving second place in their classes which was better than I expected. I am glad I went after all. However, I am going to have to give serious thought as to weather or not I do such a long distance show again. I had left here at 2am and got home at 11pm. I was fine. Until I awoke yesterday. Yesterday I could do nothing, not even knit. I have to say that whilst I think I just get one with it as regards my physical problems, I did feel a little sorry for myself yesterday. I hate the way it restricts me or makes me feel when I do something like this show. I know it would be normal to feel tired after a 540 round trip but I don't get tired-I end up hardly able to function and in much pain. It p's me off at the wasted day yesterday. I know, it could be worse and I am really lucky. I am too. And today I am okay again and off for my swim.

The last girl puppy goes to it's new home today if all goes well. This leaves me with Tabitha and James. Tabitha is proving to be a real little show off, just like her mother, Shameless, only better.
I know she is only 9 weeks old but I am confident that she is better all over than her mum. James I am not so sure of at all and he may not be staying.

Only 9 days to go till we go to Mannheim, Germany and see Lia and Lui and Diana.
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