Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Raining Again

Normally the weather doesn't bother me much but I have to say I am very fed up with this summer. Wet and cool. For months now. Pouring again when I awoke this morning.Not fun when you have a hairy dogs to have to go out and don't want to!

Yesterday at the show it got very windy, cold and wet. I am paying for that this morning. Very creaky! Still, at least I was sensible and have not gone swimming.

Micah was 3rd in his class and Whitney was 1st. Worth going. This was the last show until September now. I miss Wales and Scotland as we will be travelling to Germany on Sunday, the day of the Welsh KC show and we will still be away the following Sunday which is the day of the SKC show.

I really enjoy going away and have very good people who house and take care of my dogs whilst I am away. I get a break form having to do things. I miss them though. This break, from 17th to 26th is longer than normal by a couple of days.

My new boots have arrived. I will photograph them later if the weather improves or if I can get a decent indoor picture.

I could not resist this awful t-shirt.
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