Saturday, August 09, 2008


The six puppies are now two. Four girls have gone to their new homes. I think James too will be going. Tabitha is definitely staying. She is just what I hoped for from this mating. She is better than her mum and she has that 'look at me' attitude. She struts on the lead. Very easy to deal with and train.

All the matings I have done so far have been between dogs that were not related. Not difficult as I imported two females, one from Denmark and the other from France. I just keep using male dogs that I like and are of excellent quality and breed type. I have had puppies that are better than the mother each time I have bred. That is the idea. I have also kept the breed characteristics which make up the Lhasa Apso, especially in the head. Too many in the ring now are just well made small hairy dogs without the essentials that make them Lhasa Apso. Hopefully, I shall continue to improve what i have by going this way. I have lined up my next male, he is excellent in type and movement and build, and again, unrelated. I have nothing against mating related dogs together but it hasn't arisen yet. One doesn't NEED to do so in order to produce quality dogs.

My swim went very well yesterday. Taking pain meds regularly throughout the day seems to be working. I vary which ones I take.

I have another two pairs of DM's coming. Watch this space.
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