Sunday, August 10, 2008

50 Minute Hours?

I think there is a government conspiracy going on. There must be. I am quite certian that an hour is no longer 60 minutes long, that there are no longer 24 of them in a day. In short, I am certain my days are very much shorter than they used to be. No sooner do I get up and potter around for a bit, it is time to go back to bed.

I used to be active on my email lists. Now I barely have time to read them and if the truth were told, I delete many unread. It takes me forever to read a novel. When once I'd read in bed for an hour or so, I now am lucky if I read two pages before I fall asleep. Getting up at the crack of dawn has not made my days longer at all. It just seems to have made them shorter has gone!

So who does one submit a complaint to about being short changed in the hours?

Am off to a show again tonight. Bournemouth. This is the last one for me until we get back from Germany. We leave for Germany one week today.
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