Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gute Fahrt

Our journey was excellent. The drive to our first stop in Dinant, Belgium was pleasant and enough driving for that day as we had left our home at 5am. The Hotel was in a forest which involved us driving for several miles along a single track road which was a bit hairy. We met another vehicle, a 4WD (SUV) and it kindly backed up for half a mile for us! The hotel was very nice but had I realised it's situation, I would not have booked it. Certainly no good for longer than a night's stay for us.
We arrived the following day, Monday, at our hotel in Mannheim and we went directly to Sandhausen to our friend's Lia and Lui where Jane had come to from Holland . (Jane and Lia are sock knitters and that is how I met them - on Socknitters). It was Lui's 67th birthday and I had brought a cashmere sweater I made for him. He was pleased with it. He had cooked us a good meal of lamb and veggies. Lui does great food!

On Tuesday it rained mostly but that didn't matter as we had already planned to spend the day in Globus, which is a big hypermarket. Heaven if you enjoy shopping.

Wednesday we all, minus Lui, went to Strasbourg. We had good food. The city is not the best I have been to and the cathedral was over touristed.

Lia and John in Strasbourg.
Jane in Strasbourg.

All of us in Strasbourg, with Lia and I not looking our best!
John, Lui and I at Lia and Lui's home in Sandhausen.
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