Friday, May 12, 2006

Stash Enhancement

I have done very little since we got back from Munich, just what i ahve to do with the dogs and a little sock knitting. Am still too knackered and sore to do much else. I loved the trip. I will post pics of what we saw when i het the films develoiped. I use 'proper' film and camera when away.This is how far I have got with my new Aran design.
This is a beautful yarn. it feel swonderfully soft and drapes very well. A smooth, slinky yarn. I am not sure if I will HK it or MK it. I bought in Reims, France. 100% BAMBOO!!!
These are 70% wool and 30% silk. More socks!!!
This is 'trachtenwolle'. Made in Austria. Bought in Munich. Will knit a Bavarian waistcoat with it. Saw many people wearing such in Munich and Innsbrook.
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