Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Enjoying Munich

The weather is beautiful. 24c or so. Found two yarn shops with good selection of yarn tho no ADDI needles which I am after in order to add the sizes I don't have.

Bought 4 Opal wool/silk and 800gms of Trachtenwolle to make myself a waistcoat.

John really surprised me-he bought a tapestry to do. I assumed he was buying it for his PA or someone, but no it is for him.

Food here is very good and easy for me to eat according to my health requirements. I am VERY tempted by their cakes but so far the knowledge it will make my guts bad has won out!

I think John has had it with the shops. Tomorrow we do the museums and galleries.I quite fancy a trip along the river in a boat. We'll see.
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