Tuesday, May 16, 2006

97 Trip Part 2

Another thing about that trip-I had hired a car at Logan. It was a Ford escort -what we would have called a Ford Mondeo.
Anyway, it was nice car, except that the steering wheel was on the wrong side. It was also cold. There was a knob on the dash that said 'A/C'. I had no idea what it meant so left it alone. Now I have posh car and know it means Air conditioning and I needn't have been cold!

The amount of times I parked the car, and when returning, got into the passenger side. I then had to get out and walk around the car to get in the drivers side. Yes, people did notice.

I recall parking at a mall, that was was split over two sides of a road. There was no way to walk from one side to the other. I had to get into the car and drive to the other side. Walking would have taken 30 seconds!

Only once did I drive on the wrong side of the road. In New York State, just before going into VT. I had turned right at a junction and just went the way I would in the UK. I nearly went head on into a woman and her car. Much to my surprise she did not give me the finger or anything.

Oh how I wished I had a sticker that said I was British and excuse my driving! On the other hand, I was quite pleased not to be recognisably foreign.

Oh and I just remembered being at traffic lights, waiting to turn right and the lights were on red. I was first and cars behind me were tooting their horns at me. I had no idea why. I later realised I can turn right even tho the lights are red.

I had booked a room at a lesbian run farm in Maine. Rural they said. In the middle of f'ing nowhere I discovered. It was dark, really dark I was driving along Rt1 I think in Maine and there was nothing, just trees and the moon. I was scared. I just knew this was a Stephen King story in the making. I eventually found a garage with a shop attached. I went in. there were 5 people in there, talking with eachother. They stared at me and just carried on talking. I asked for help and they were very amused. They commented to eachother on my accent like I wasn't there. They didn't help and I got out of there quick. I pictured meat hooks in the back room.

Anyway, about another 100 miles, I came across another shop. I went in. Guns all over the wall, and Jesus Loves You stickers. Okay, so I knew not to ask if they knew of a farm/motel run by lesbians. I did however ask if they knew the name of the farm and he said yes and gave me directions which I am sure were good - in the daylight. I went the way he said and was still not sure. I saw a house and went and knocked on the door. An elderly couple answered and did not seem phased at all, despite the fact I had driven over their lawn to their door. Well, it was dark. Very dark.

Eventually, I found the right track. I heard this awful crunching and I stopped my car and got out. I was on ice. Just as I got out the car, I noticed that in front of the headlights, the road seemed clear. I took a closer look-it was clear alright, no road, no trees, just a sheer drop. I backed away very slowly.

Once I found their farm, I got out the car and promptly fell flat on my face in the ice and snow. Just then 3 wolves came barking and howling towards me. Just before I wet myself, a woman also came, and yelled at what turned out to be her dogs. They left me alone and I managed to get up, cold, shaky and by this time feeling quite unreal.

Thankfully, my room was lovely, warm and cosy with a huge old fashioned bed with a deep mattress.
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