Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bleedin' Bamboo

First of all, I hate the way the shop wound off the bamboo yarn. A bit difficult to wind ready for use. I managed.

I also gave up with my electric winder by Hague. Damn things are far too temperamental. I found an old hand winder and it was fast and gave a neat cone for using.

I tried it on the Brother standard and even at highest tension, it was too tight. I then tried it with the GC. This was a good tension and looked good but the GC doesn't like it and kept dropping sts.

Finally, I had no choice but hand knit it. I am knitting it in rice stitch which gives a nice texture and a good drape. One row knit, 1 row of K1tbl , P1. Easy to do. Main body is on 3.25mm Rosewood circs. I cast on continental with 3.5mm. I then knit 2 rows in pattern with 2.5mm Addi's and then 4 rows with 2.75 Inox, 4 rows with 3mm Addi's and then continue with the 3.25mm Rosewoods.
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