Saturday, May 13, 2006

Sherman Heels

I an very pleased with the way these socks turned out. The yarn is a hand dyed limited edition by Opal. I used 2mm Addi for the rib and 2.25mm by Inox for the rest.

I had already knitted one of these and frogged them. This is the first pair I have done. The rest have all been singletons as they were practice socks. I now intend to frog them all and do them with the same heel as these.

I used the Sherman Heel technique. Very easy to to and they are neat with no holes. I made an error in the pattern but am pleased with the result so will continue to knit this heel with the same error. The error was that I slipped the first stitch of each row AFTER the pivot row which according to the instructions, I ought not have. Still, I often find mistakes turn into my best techniques!
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