Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Improved Sock

This is what i did: I cast on with 3.5mm over 72 sts using continental cast on. I knit 24 rows with 2mm needles in 2x2 rib. i changed to 2.25mm and knit 2 rows, increased 4 sts in round 3, knit 4 rounds and increased 4sts evenly. Now 80 sts and knit to row 60. Did Sherman Heel, leaving 16sts at pivot row. Finished heel and knit 66 rows before I started to decrease 4 sts each round, first with 3 rows between, 3 times, then 2 rows between twice and then every other row till 22 sts remained, turned inside out and did a 3 needle bind off.

This is my best fitting sock. The yarn is Opal 70% wool 30% silk.

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