Wednesday, June 05, 2013


I am thrilled to report that Fanny, Tantra's Fabulous Fanny, has relented. Tonight at ring craft she did precisely what she is supposed to do. She walked, strutting, head held high, tail wagging. We had an argument on Monday, which I won, and it seems she now accepts that I really am the boss. She had a bath on Monday. One of many. However, she didn't want a bath and she went berserk. Literally. If John had not been here I don't know what I would have done. I only just managed to keep hold of her but she sent bottles and glasses and water everywhere. She was like a whirling dervish. I had her by the scruff and I did NOT let go. Eventually she relented. Then when I went to dry her, she started again. I held her firmly and she stopped struggling and decided to scream instead. When I still didn't let her go, she again relented. Although she wasn't perfect at ring craft tonight, she almost was and it was the first time she did as asked, which is only to walk on a lead. I am sure she did it because she now knows I will not give in to her. In 40 years I have never had one as stubborn as she. Mind you, she is also very loving and she will lick you spotless given the chance. Yet she is very weird. She will not eat in her crate with the door closed. She will refuse to eat for a week, seriously, and will not relent. So she is fed just outside her crate. Her limit for sleeping in it is 5 hours. I cannot have disturbed nights as mu nights are bad enough as they are so she has her crate door left open. She has figured out what the newspaper is for. There are soem battles not worth fighting. 

I cannot wait to bring both Fanny and Alexander out. I am thrilled with them both. Alexander is just so very different. I have never had to train him. It seems he just knew what to do. he is a very happy dog. One cannot fail to notice him. Not just the striking black and white coat but his whole attitude. He such a sweet natured boy. It also seems that i may not have to get down with him in the ring. He self stacks and stands when asked. This will be a great help to me. Getting up and down in the ring is the most difficult part for me and is when I am likely to topple over. Mind you, i will still have to for the others but he I think will be perfectly fine without me kneeling.

I can't believe my luck in getting these two. I planned this breeding a few years ago and I was lucky enough to be able to follow through. When their parents were mating, I told them I wanted a black and white dog and a black bitch, show quality please. Look what I got! Serendipity I think is the word.
Now of course we shall have to wait and see how they grow and develop. At 5 months nothing is certain. Especially not in this breed.

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midnightvelvet said...

Fantastic! Well done Colin...has it taken you five months to get her to do that? I can't kneel with mine at the moment but hope to be able to after knee surgery. Flossie is a stubborn little monkey and I am having the devils own game trying to get her to "stand and stay". Maybe she will one day - and maybe she won't - but she's still my gorgeous girl! LOL xxx