Monday, April 08, 2013


 I made this for myself. I have had the yarn over ten years. I sold two of these to women and thought it a girly colour but I have changed my mind and like it for me. 
It is 2 ends of 2/28 mongolian cashmere. That is about 700m/100g, The sweater weighs 406g. I gave it my usual treatment of washing and tumble drying three times. This sweater will now always be able to be washed on the 30c hand cycle and tumble on hot for 45mins without further shrinking. I have done my cashmere sweaters like this for 30 years yet I still not considered to know what I am doing according to some! yes, i have allowed someone to irk me. They wrote on a knitting list I belonged to that I was stupid and ignorant. It wasn't so much the email that bothered me but that NO ONE said anything in defence of me. I said nothing and I left the list soon after but telling the owner what i thought of the appalling treatment I got. There was more to it than this. Like they engaged the writer as if he were the expert and ignored me.Then an innocuous email from me, on another subject entirely, was edited! I realised I wasn't respected at all. It was enough for me that one person was outwardly homophobic toward me and that my wedding was ignored but this email was the final straw. As if I needed another hint that I wasn't welcome. I am annoyed with myself for not having got the message sooner and for feeling rankled by it all in the first place. I don't want to know people like this.
 I do my set in sleeves like a 'half raglan'. I find the math easy to work out and the line much nicer.
 I plan to wear this with a polo(turtle) neck under it. The back and front are shaped the same and using holding position (short rows). I did a graduated tension st st collar, as you can see.
 I always mattress stitch my sweaters, at least the plain ones. I am fussy about seams. I won't use an overlocker (serger), sewing machine or linker. I do it by hand. yes it takes hours. In fact longer than it took to knit but what is the point of knitting it at all if I am not going to do the best finishing I can?


Knitting-twitter said...

Colin, you have done an amazing job.
Not only is the color superb, the finishing itself is like a piece of art and the pullover is done from a real expert.
A very big compliment and all the best..
ciao ciao Christa

Karen said...

Wow - the finishing is beautiful and really shows the time and care you have taken. I must knit a swatch of cashmere and try your washing technique - I've always been too scared to try anything other than handwash with cashmere.

Karen said...

Wow - the care you've put into your finishing really shows. The sweater is stunning.
I've always been too scared to risk machine washing cashmere, but that is what swatching is for, right? Something to try this week.

Linda said...

I LOVE this sweater, Colin. The color is beautiful, the sweater is simplicity, itself, but the workmanship exquisite! Well done! Wish I could afford that kind of quality yarn, but until I get a better handle on my own knitting, I've got plenty to keep my busy. Thanks for sharing.

Lily said...

That is really really wonderful pullover. Love its delicate color so much, and you really made, finished it professionally . Completely agree with Christa

Unknown said...

Beautiful workmanship Colin.

Those who don't listen to other opinions are truly narrow minded and probably not the best folks to be around. Especially in view of all your accomplishments!

Lia Nord said...

Such a beautiful color! Not "feminine" at all--good for both genders. As usual, besides the beautiful knitting, your assembly and finishing is also exquisite. It's really gorgeous, Colin.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Colin- I'm on a couple of the same lists you are. I haven't been keeping up with the posts lately to see what happened. I wish you'd let us know which list this was so I can unsubscribe if I'm a member. I don't want to be on a list that indulges in this kind of behavior.

Beautiful sweater!


Iris said...

What a beautiful sweater! Your finishing continues to amaze me after years.

marsha said...

Beautiful sweater! I know nothing about knitting and the terminology you used to describe how you made it, but the symmetry and consistency of the stitches is something that I can appreciate by looking at it! The color is really nice for you also.

matthew said...

The color is GREAT and the finishing superb. I'm intrigued by your set in sleeve. I'm now working on a sweater that has "standard" set in sleeves. It is my first sweater that is not a drop shoulder.

joannamauselina said...

It is really lovely! And the color is fabulous. I was trying to think of the best color for my next sweater, and you have inspired me. It will be that color.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the detailed photos of your pale mint cashmere sweater. I hope to be able to achieve something like this for my brother.

Thanks to your information about washing cashmere, I have done the same, and I am so pleased with the result.