Thursday, July 26, 2012


Today is a do nothing day. I slept well last night. In fact so well that I awoke in my armchair at 6am. I went to bed and woke up at 8.45am and got up. I feel quite well so I think the ill feeling yesterday was just the heat and fatigue.

John is home early afternoon. The insulation people are coming to stuff the walls and loft this afternoon too. then i can get to the knitting machines that were removed form the loft. I have about a dozen I think. Yes, i will be requiring new homes for most of them. It is time. As much as I would love to get back to being able to use them and profitably, I have faced facts. I cannot. So they go.

I am entered in LEEDS championship show tomorrow but I am not going. I plan being at SELAS breed championship show first Sunday in August. New venue. I hope I manage it.

I have ordered a few Mike Oldfield CD's today. the really good thing about Amazon is being able to preview the music. Mike is not an artist whom I must have everything they produce. In  fact, those he has done which are all vocal I don't care for.
I am still very impressed with our audio system. I am hearing music on records I have owned for 35 years that I have not heard before. John is saying the same about his old vinyl collection. Hundreds of classical and opera records. I am just so pleased that eh enjoys this so much. When he told me last year that if I wanted to buy anything expensive I should do it then because of his upcoming retirement, I gave it some thought. I wanted to do something for us BOTH. John is very generous and I know he meant something for me. I also knew that he would never spend money on the hi fi like I did. Seeing his face when he listened to one of his vinyl records on the new turntable, I could have cried. I had clearly made the right decision. The turntable on it's own cost £1800 with the cartridge. We also have the bd/cd player, by Arcam and also the Arcam AV400. The rWave DAC by Arcam. This is used via USB to take my music from my MacBook Pro. Three pairs of Rega speakers. The system really is a joy to listen to. We both listen on Grado headphones too. I cannot praise these highly enough. 325i and PS500. I use the LEEMA DAC with my headphones.

Being married has certainly made me feel secure. Not secure as regards John, I already did. no, this means no outside people or agency can split us up nor take our rights as a couple away. Meaning I am now his Next of KIN and we have the rights associated with that. Should anything bad happen to either of us away from home, it would be one of us that is called and once of us who goes to the hospital and one of us who has the say so over the other if either one of us cannot make decisions for ourselves.

The wedding day itself was wonderful. My happiest day. I was very pleased when i saw all of our friends together. A really mix of people who had previously not met and they all got on. I was thinking how they all view me as eccentric. They clearly do not see themselves as eccentric which I find amusing!

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Iris said...

It was really heart warming to read how much pleasure you received from watching John hear his first vinyl on the new system you had bought. Sometimes, that's the greatest gift of all, is it not? As for being "eccentric," aren't we all, in our own way. Your way is simply more outward, as is mine. Jim's way is very inward, in his thoughts and opinions. He and I are both planning another try at GB in the next year. Prepare yourselves for the crazy Yanks.