Tuesday, July 24, 2012


It was already too hot for dog walking when I took John to the station at 7.50am Not that I am in a being able to walk dogs phase. Just pointing out the heat here. We get high humidity too. Pleased to say the anti-inflammatories are doing their job well tho sleep is being evasive.

Have you ever wondered why the devout pray for the physical survival of others? Car crash, gun, cancer victims. Whatever the crisis, the prayer is always survival. I thought the idea was to be with God in Heaven? Funny how when a preacher/vicar/priest is diagnosed with a life threatening disease they are not congratulated at their soon to be in Heaven status but prayed for fervently that they may stay and suffer more. Weird or what?

I had no idea there were so many bi-sexuals about. According to many people of faith, humans are naturally bi-sexual. Oh, they don't actually come out as bi-sexual. It is clear though that bi-sexual they are. You see, if being homosexual is a choice then so is being heterosexual. If we are free to make that choice we must be equally attracted to both sexes. I don't agree at all and I wish the Xian bi-sexuals would stop forcing their bi-sexual agenda upon the rest of us. They need to stop insisting we are all bi-sexual. We are not and never will be. Some people are. Most are not. Those of us who are not bi-sexual don't have a choice. We are either heterosexual or homosexual. We must put an end to the Christian Bi-sexual Agenda. Stop them recruiting our children. Keep them out of our schools. We must stand up for what is right. I am not a bigot. I just don't approve of their lifestyle choice and I do no want them forcing their agenda upon me and I want to be free to say they are wrong without being labelled a bigot.

There are three half naked men on my driveway right now. No, this is not a script for a porno nor am I dreaming. Ernie and sons are here to pave over the front with that nice brickwork. Not only will it look good and save us having to bow the lawn to trim bushes, it will also mean parking for twi more cars if we have visitors. As I write, I can smell the fumes from their digger. I shall go and close the window I think.

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Iris said...

To quote a wise friend of mine regarding universal "bisexualism," -- BOLLOCKS! Did I get that right? In the USA, the homophobes a/k/a intolerant arises have started to cite the MMP (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory - the most used psych evaluation tool in the U.S.) as "proof" that homosexuality is a "disease" and, therefore, can be cured. What they forget is that even Restless Leg Syndrome is, now, considered a mental disorder. Why? Because there's no where else to put it. They also forget that not all mental illness is "curable," even if you choose to accept the implication that mental and life issues are all illnesses. Of course, some of them also believe schizophrenics, sociopaths, etc., are harboring demons. None of it is choice. "Mom" doesn't cause it - usually. It's hardwired and, gee, I guess God wants it that way since he's infallible.