Monday, November 07, 2011


I knitted these simultaneously, using Chiao Goo 2mm/60cm circulars. I used my own Andersson Sock Construction Method and utilised my own Andersson heel Mark II.

I dyed the yarn by machine knitting up 2 x 50 gram balls of 75% sw merino 25% nylon, knitted in one piece. I then dyed. The result wasn't as I intended but I love the colourway. I shall be having another op at this form of dyeing.


Knitting-twitter said...

I love the colors, great socks Colin

ciao ciao Christa

Anonymous said...

lovely, lovely socks, colin! thank you so much for sharing them.


Iris said...

These are just yummy!

Biki said...

Lovely socks! Could you please post the how to's of your heel? It looks very clean and neat, and havent ever heard of the Anderson heel.

CJ said...

Colors are great and love those heel. Just like Mama made them. Wish I could do such a clean job. Thanks for sharing