Saturday, November 26, 2011


Busy day. Both had haircuts, then lunch at Panini's, then shopping at Peterborough Garden Park. I bought the dogs bedding! I have wanted to stop using newspaper for a long while because my lot eat it and scatter it all over the house. However, the vet-bed I previously used would get filthy very quickly, wouldn't wash clean and filled the washing machine with hair. Then today I saw this bedding that is waste, wet, dirt etc proof. From the blurb it was clearly put together by dog people. Just the right 19" x 24" size too. The one drawback was the £26 price tag but I could see and feel how well made they were so I bought 6 of them. 

Well, I am having a really good day physically so when I got in I got rid of the newspaper and gave them their new beds. They were fascinated watching me do it and when I put the new bedding in, each got into their own bed and rubbed around on it. Bought some local farm produce too. 

The one hiccup, which riled me enough to have to count to 10, was a silly woman who called her boss over to tell him to go and ask that 'weird' man to move as he was giving her the creeps!!!!! John was waiting outside the glass wall for me to pay for my shower gell. I said loudly, 'He's waiting for me!' and instead of an apology I just got laughed at by the boss and another woman. NONE of the three looked at or addressed me and the young twat just kept going on about the weirdo staring at her! Of course, he was looking at me but by that time he WAS wondering what was going on. My face is easily read. 

Anyway, apart from that it has been a good day if COLD! And it's not even anywhere near as cold as it will get. Oh, I bought mountaineer gloves to keep my hands warm and still usable. I almost bought a high tech undergarment, long sleeved vest, which would go a long way to helping me stay warm without bulk. Anyway, I need a medium, to hug my body, and like many IDIOTIC designers, the medium was a good 2-3" shorter so was no good for me. Stupid stupid stupid! Smaller chest does not equal less height just as larger chests do not mean Gibbon arms!

Plus, I went into Hobby Craft and I must say that their selection of knitting and crochet books was wonderful. I spent quite a while browsing and convincing myself not buy any. I won. I love to look and read but I never knit anything from them.

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marilyn said...

Hi Colin,
I'm a (healing) medium and will give you a great big body hug when I next see you!
Ha ha
Lots of love
Marilyn xxx
p.s.there are an awful lot of twats about...especially at this time of year....don't get me started.