Friday, November 04, 2011

Texas Judge Beats Disabled Daughter (Wife and Daughter Speak out)

This is unfortunately very common. The denial shown by ALL of them involved is extremely distressing.


Iris said...

This is so hard to watch. It's been all over the TV news in the U.S. He's not only hitting her with the belt, he's putting his whole body into it. As for mom, she's as bad as he is and I don't understand why the daughter isn't going after her, too.

Butterfly Mage said...

As usual, it's a Texas Bible-thumping Christian that is thumping the crap out of his disabled daughter. So, the judge actually treats his daughter worse than a defendant in his courtroom. Most thieves get fines, not beatings.

I am so sick of Christian fundamentalists pretending to be "righteous" when actually carrying our acts of savage violence.