Thursday, August 11, 2011



Anita said...

Ooh. I knit pretty much like that too!

Dancing with Paralysis said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to show how you knit! I found it interesting and way cool to observe!

With heartfelt gratitude!

FuguesStateKnits said...

Maybe catholic in the sense of "universal?" Thank you so much for demonstrating your knitting method, Colin! When I do fair isle, I carry the different strands of yarn in each hand. I started learning to knit "English" or "American" still ("throwing" is another way to put it) - much like you used to knit where there was no economy of motion. Your method is very easy on the joints - not just in the hand and wrist, but as you say, the shoulder and neck as well. I will refer to this video before I start my next fair isle project. Thanks so much:)! As for my silly little video, I will try to do one from over my shoulder, since you can barely tell what the heck I'm doing in mine, LOL!:)

Laura J. Marutz said...

Colin, that was just great! I never knew what it was called. My mother-in-law always said I knit "cottage" style while she prefers continental (sp). Now I know that I've always knit Catholic style and I think I'll tell her that when I see her next. Just to chap her butt. lol Thank you again. Hope you are doing well on your side of the pond.. Hugs, Laura

Bluesheltie said...

I think this is how Stephanie MacPherson, the Yarn Harlot, knits. She calls it Irish Cottage style, and she can really move it along!

Is this the back of your beautiful Aran sweater?

Karen Z
Mesa, AZ