Thursday, August 11, 2011



junieann said...

Dear Colin, I just watched your video. I do worry about your health.

I hope you are feeling better by Sunday. You do look tired out from the dog bathings. See what happens when John is away? You overdo.
You might not know that Snickers has always been called by that name here in the USA, since I was a wee girl and THAT was eons ago. It is a weird name for something sweet.

Speaking of non-sweet, my neighbor has 2, small dogs,one is Hershey,(girl) and Snickers,(boy). They are purported to be Rat Terriers? One is brown and white, the other,is black and white. I have listened to them yap for 8 years. They had produced 4 litters of unregistered puppies. You know how I feel about indiscriminate, backyard breedings. Ugh!

I don't believe they have ever caught any rats, but the vermin are available next door, due to the wooded areas, and leaving of dog food out of doors at night.Racoons and opossums abound and a nice fish pond makes the neighbors back yard a haven for hungry, thirsty critters. The fish were just inserted in the new pond. Hopefully, they don't end up as dinner for wild creatures. Makes me glad I live on a small hill.

Be well my friend and Thank You for all the Friends of Friends recommendations. I am a bit overwhelmed by Facebook. Your expertise with the video camera is astonishing. Hats off for a thoughtful and often funny video.

Please write me at home with some good advice re: navigating Facebook. They keep asking me for a CC or cell phone number. Why?


Ginger said...

I cannot believe you are at all ill. You have more energy in one day than I have in a month! Bathing 6 dogs!?!? I only have 3 and the most I've ever managed to bathe in one day is two. The greyhounds bearly get wet! There is no grooming involved. Spray and go. I'm also doing a miniature poodle, she is slightly more work and a blow dry is involved. But nothing like the work that goes into your guys!
Snickers is the American name, if indeed they are the same thing. Caramel, peanuts, deliciousness??
I don't mean to make light of your physical problems. I can only imagine what a force of nature you were healthy!
Sending white healing light and thanks.
Long Island, NY USA