Monday, August 01, 2011


Summer is here but only for a couple of days according to the weatherman. It has been 28°C here today and it is very sticky.

John bought me a Mac Book Pro at the weekend. It has the new Intel 7 chip. It is a beautiful machine.

Physically my weekend was not good. I had a lot of trouble with pain and with my balance and I was not fit enough to bathe the dogs ready for the show on Sunday. I could not have attended the show anyway!

I am busy putting all of my music collection onto my iPod again. This takes a long time. I do find it absolutely amazing that I can put my whole record collection on such a small object as an iPod. This time I am using Apple Lossless Encoding. It certainly does make a difference in the hearing.

I have a dog show to attend on the 13th of this month, hopefully. Then John and I are going away to Germany. After we were burgled when we were away in Budapest two and a half years ago I stopped telling people that we were going away but I realise that that is completely silly because it soon becomes obvious that I'm not around! I only have to not write on Facebook for several hours before somebody asks if I am okay!

Anyway, I cannot think of anything else to say.

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steel breeze said...

I have a macbook pro too - lovely machine and very easy to use so far. Except I haven't quite figured out how it handles photos on the camera (I downloaded Kodak software and it works better now).