Thursday, December 06, 2007

Chuck Berry

This is Chuck Berry. Knit on 2.25mm circular needle(Knitpicks 80cm). The yarn is scrummy- Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, colour number 38. I am very pleased with this yarn. It feels really nice. After Ray at Knitivity's merino/nylon this is my favourite so far. Very soft. 80% merino and 20% nylon.

What is more, I was given this yarn free gratis! By a young woman on Ravelry who wasn't going to knit socks and knew I would. Very mid of her and very good for me. I love these. I have another colourway in this same yarn which I bought on Ebay.

I used my own heel again (Andersson Heel). I did the foot half an inch shorter than usual before I shaped the heel and it fits better for me. The pattern itself is a very simple 3 x3 rib which lends itself very well to this yarn and colourway I think.

I don't get why, but this yarn went further than usual and I had a fair bit left after one sock from one skein. Yet the meterage is somewhat less(about 40 less) than my usual sock yarn. No it isn't thinner either. EDIT: the skein is 56 gms hence which makes this yarn even less yardage than say a 50gm ball of Regia. It says 215 yds per skein.


Anonymous said...

But you said you knit the foot half an inch shorter, maybe thats where your extra yarn came from?

Hope you are well?
Beverley x

handknitbyafailedfeminist said...

Again, a very handsome sock. I would love to see your sock drawer!

Anonymous said...

Possibly the last colours on Earth I would wear. Despite that I really like the socks, simple and showing off the yarn at it's best! Well done :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow! You give a newbie like me something to aspire to, Colin! :-)

Happy Knitting,
P.S. I love your blog! :-)

Anonymous said...

trying to resist all kinds of puns about chucking will
just say...



BarbaraME said...

Lovely sock, Colin as usual! You do lovely work.

Barbara in NH

Barbara-Kay said...

Love it, but Lorna's Laces usually color pools for me. How many stitches did you cast on? Just curious.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, as always. Love the colorway! You are the sock guru...

Unknown said...

Another great sock Colin. I really enjoy the names you give your socks -
Chuck Berry - very imaginative (Tarantino is still my favorite though.)
And what could be better than socks knit with free yarn too. You are a
lucky man. Thanks for sharing. How are the puppies?

Anonymous said...

Nice Legs Colin,
Lovely colorway those are my granddaughters fav colors pink & purkley
as always you did a fantabulous job way to go yet again Colin,
btw my dear guru can you tell me if jaggerspun 3/8 is sock yarn? looks like it to me and ohhhhhhhh so soft...I was gifted with 4 oz and trying to decide what to make from it but I think it will ultimately be socks the gloves are taking to long and socks just...DON'T
Tonya from socknitters

Liz said...

Gorgeous colours and you're right, a simple pattern really shows them off ... I've been very impressed by Lorna's Laces yarns in general; and particularly the Shepherd Sport which also goes a long way (used it for a scarf though, not for socks, as it has no nylon). I've not had a problem with pooling so far with LL...

junie said...

Colin, I really like your Andersson heel. Is there a pattern I could purchase? Actually, you should do a sock book for men. Actually, please throw in directions for women, size 5 1/2 feet (US size) :))

Anonymous said...

Nice socks. :-)

Anonymous said...

starrgirl's world said...

iThe Chuck Berry sock is positively delicious. I'm so glad you got the yarn gratis and turned it into something yummy! Best to you!

4:49 AM, December 07, 2007

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Another gorgeous pair, Colin! We are in the midst of trying to sell our house and relocate to NY-if/when it happens, I hope to get more socks done too!
They are fabulous.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Your Chuck berry socks are scrumptious! I hope that I get as good as
you one day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Colin,

Gorgeous socks! I've been wondering where you've been hiding, and
have missed reading your posts.

I hope you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Hi Colin,

Your "Chuck Berry Socks" look great. Rock On.

I have taken a note of your heel, I like to experiment with heels and toes.

Thankyou for sharing.

Anne in Scotland

Anonymous said...

You do such nice work Colin. I always marvel at how your stitches are
so nice and even. I love the color. I think I have the same colorway
in my stash. I will have to dig it out and make socks with it now.

FuguesStateKnits said...

I'm tellin' ya, Colin, you could do the best knitting book ever with just your socks alone - I'd title it, "The Andersson Heel - and other secrets of sock knitting sockcess."
C'mon, think about it:)
Pushy pushy pushy:)
You're sounding great!

Anonymous said...

Chuck Berry never looked so good! Lorna's Laces is my favorite, except when Trekking or Opal is my fav, lol. The colors look great with that pattern, and your heel looks perfect, as always.
How many pairs of wonderful socks are now in your wardrobe?
I can't make myself a nice wardrobe, because family and friends beg to keep the projects, so I end up with the original five pairs, now two years old.
Patti T