Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Just When....

....I thought it was over I had another crap day. More fear, more tears, more solar plexus discomfort, grumbling, burning(no not acid), fear feeling. Missing my mum like crazy which just makes no sense to me at all.
Yesterday was a brilliant day. I felt like my old self. felt physically good. Then today, Wham!
I really need thisto end now. I get the message.I understand the point. Now please will you leave me alone? This is so pointless. How much more crying is needed? To what end exactly? I know what I lost, I know it wasn't my fault. I just want ot ge tone an live what life I have left and enjoy it not be held back and swamped by this f***ing pain.

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Lia Nord said...

When I was going through a horrible time, I got the image of going through a huge maze. There were high walls on both sides, and all I could do was go forward. One day, I suddenly felt I had turned a corner. Then, it was back to the maze again. I was still lost in my grief. Then, another day, I turned another corner and had a sense of relief again, still short-lived. But I had the sense,too, that there would be other corners, there would finally be a way out. You've still got paths to go, corners to turn. Sometimes it will still be bad; sometimes it will suddenly be better for a little while. But have faith, it will get better. I know this from converstations with you. You have friends and acquaintances who care for you and will go along with you as much as they can. You will succeed, I know it.