Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sony Alpha 100 Digital SLR Camera

These pictures were all taken with a Sony Alpha 100 (DSLR) str8 out of the box. No fiddling, just took the pics to see how it did. No trouble focusing and good close ups. Apart from the garden shot, all were taken in dark room with a flash.

The sweater is done on the Passap 6000 using OX/N. I love this stitch formation and it makes large size sweaters easily. The yarn is 2x 2/28's merino.

Close up of stitch formation.

This is Tilly the Miniature Longhaired Dax aged 4.5 years.
This is Nechung, a Lhasa Apso, aged 9 now and speyed and retired to our bed.
A quick shot of our back garden. Just after I took this the wind got up and the heavens opened. The weather man said it would be sunny and warm....


Clarisse said...

Nice camera, wonderful sweaters, beautiful puppies and I hope you didn't get too wet on your sunny and warm day :) Sounds like your weather people are about as accurate as ours. Good think you make such perfect sweaters.

Clarisse >^..^<

Ghis said...

"I've never said anything to Colin because my English is very poor. Sorry!

His sweaters are superb!!!

I have bookmarked his blog. Only problem for me is that I don't always understand the technical explanations.

My favorite is the Norwegian sweater. I'm a beginner and even though I've understood it's knitted with the GC, I'm in awe when I see the work, finishing and ideas!!!"

Cit said...

Beautiful as ever, Colin. I am impressed, as usual, by your sense of balance and of space,
and your obsession for perfection. Very mysterious... and quite effective!

Mary Beth said...

That's it, Colin! You've show us the perfect camera. Thank you!

Jude said...

Colin thank you for such an interesting blog, and beautiful knitting and
dogs and garden.

Nicki said...

Camera looks good Colin. I had to come see because despite having a rather expensive and loads of buttons digital I pine for the good old days of SLR when you could make the picture look how you wanted without having to use photoshop. Really, out of the box and pics posted straight away? That's good. I may have to check it out....