Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Six Days

The pups are 6 days old. The girl is doing better now and weighs 7.4 ozs. You can see how much bigger the boy is. She has taken the bottle twice today. Fingers crossed.
Not well focused but this is for Carole who asked to see one before their eyes open.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pics of your babies!!! They are sooooo adorable.

Iris said...

Hi Colin,

I hope your little girl does well. You have rekindled my desire to
have a cute little DAX. I was just about to finally get one when we
moved into this "no pets" condo. We are planning to move back to
Virginia in a few weeks. I will be able to have a dog and I do
believe that, this time, it will be a smooth coated. It's been about
six years since I lost my last dog. It will be nice to have a pup again.

How are your sweaters selling? As beautiful as they are, I think they
are underpriced. You are, certainly, a better judge of that than I,
but I'd pay more!

Good luck with your baby. Don't forget to take care of yourself, too.

Mary Beth said...

You're probably propped up in your chair, reading this with one eye open. Feedings every two hours certainly take their toll: so here's to Momma dog's health and the wealth of the milk bar! Such adorable pups they are.

ferg said...

They are adorable. So velvety and small. Mind you they do also resemble a couple of large sausages at this stage.but they'll soon be as pretty as Mum.
Cheers Gillian