Saturday, October 21, 2006


Whether knit by hand or by machine, why would anyone spend time and effort knitting, and perhaps desigining, a garment only to fail at the finish line?

I really don't know.

I don't think it helps that publications show photographs of their designs that have been so poorly put together! In the knitting magazines I get, many of the garments look as if someone just cobbled the garment together at the last minute!

Shame on them for not caring enough about the design and the knitter and the customer. It seems to give the impression that we do not need to finish our garments well. After all, they are just homemade sweaters or whatever after all!

The finish of the garment makes all the difference!

I get so tired of hearing knitters, hand and machine, bemoan the fact they hate to finish. They hate to sew. So they find the quickest route-either joining on machine or using a sewing machine or overlocker(serger) or just doing a haphazard quick backsewing hand job! So their hard work in doing the knitting is let down by their sloppy, couldn't be bothered attitude to the finishing of it. Yes, it can take longer to finish a machine knit than it took to knit the pieces. So what? Don't you want it to look good?

Of course, when one looks in the shops, even the famous expensive boutiques, all one sees is badly put together clothing. So maybe we think it doesn't matter. IT DOES!!!

Our homemade clothing does not have to look like crap only to be worn under cover of darkness! Knitting is an ART FORM and we can do it justice by putting in the effort. Perhaps we just want things NOW and can't really be arsed to do the job properly.

Think about it-why spend a small fortune on the best quality yarns, the nicest patterns, or design our own, and then not give it our all?

Beats me!

I will write about actual finishing techniques when I can be bothered! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hi, Colin. You are so very right. I spend many more hours on the details and finishing my machine knits than on knitting the pieces. And I'll do it over if it isn't right. Current garment has had three collars---but now it is right!
I wish you the best in everything.

Anonymous said...

Stay calm Colin. There are those of us who spend many hours finishing a garment. I too, believe it's just as important as the knitting. I've been a fan of yours for a long time now. Love hearing about the pups and your knitting and have been missing you on Yahoo the last week or so. How's the little girl doing. I'm so glad she's making it!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Colin.. I for one would welcome any hints & tips fopr finishing.. in my case, the spirit is willing, but the flesh, well, we all know about THAT !
I do admire your garments.. and want to know where you get your time . Do you sleep ?

Anonymous said...

Dear Colin,
thank you for an interesting, articulate column on many facets of life. Finishing work to me is the time when I am able to sit down and enjoy the process at my leisure. It means I can enjoy the tactile sensations of hugging my project while I work on it. V