Sunday, December 19, 2010


I have yet to learn that there are certain things I cannot do and retain my sanity. The most important of these is that I really must not get into any form of discussion with Fundamentalists. No matter how strong I may feel it always ends the same way: with flashbacks and me wishing to cease existing.

I spent five years in therapy being deprogrammed from the crippling thinking I had been taught. Eleven years later,I am still unable to remain calm or neutral when a Fundamentalist starts to spread their infected thinking.

This has resulted yet again in me leaving the arena in which this has been taking place. There may well be other much more interesting discussions going on in this arena but not without numerous people with this infected thinking. At first, it was relatively easy to say one’s piece and leave it alone. Then one finds that one can block others so that is the route I follow, blocking those whose infection is so strong there is no point in reading or responding. For me though, the more of them that appear, the more crazy I start to feel. One can’t block everybody!

I ended up really laying myself on the line and instead of using logic I just described what it was like to live with their hatred; how it affects me and how it affects others like me. This was a big mistake as all I did was open myself up to humiliation and more responses of cruelty and denial.

Thus I deleted myself from the discussion. I am angry at myself for having been such an idiot in baring my soul in the vain hope I might appeal to their conscience. This was such a stupid thing to do as all it did was excite their their hatred. All that matters to these people is that they are right and that their view of the world is the only one that matters, that their feelings are the only ones that matter. They are utterly self-centred. I know this so why the hell did I even attempt a sane discussion?

You may not but I live in a world that is becoming increasingly more frightening. The rise of Fundamentalism is threatening to myself, to John, and to all people who are different. The fact that Uganda either has or is about to pass a law against homosexuality which includes the death penalty just adds to this fear. They were helped in drafting this law by American senators and American Christians. This hardly makes me feel safe.

I truly fear that the the ground has been set for the second Holocaust and I have no faith that decent people will do anything to stop this from happening. They did not in World War II and I cannot see that people are any different today. Seriously, if I think about the future about whether John and I have another 30 years together, it is not his health nor mine that immediately comes to mind as a reason we may not. No. It is the health of society which appears to be failing and I am truly afraid that we will not have another 30 years because these evil people will have gained power by then.

We appear to be sleepwalking to our own destruction. We pussyfoot around these people, we say that we must respect their views, which is complete and utter nonsense. I respect all human beings but I certainly do not respect all viewpoints and it is a nonsense to suggest that we have an ethical duty to do so.

We have allowed the rise in homeschooling and faith schools which only further serves to indoctrinate children into vile prejudices and damages there ability to think critically. We have allowed people’s ideas to override the country’s laws. A simple common and plain example being that whilst it is illegal for non-Muslims and non-Jews to kill animals for meat in the way that they do, they have a legal dispensation to do so. We decry the circumcision of females yet it is not only legal to harm boys in this way but it is almost encouraged. The argument that female circumcision is worse is no argument for the mutilation of a boy.

People are entitled to their religious belief and I would never argue against that. What they are not entitled to do is to warp the minds of children by indoctrinating them nor are they entitled to have laws passed which favours their religious beliefs or makes legal or illegal that which their religion thinks ought.

Religion has no place in government nor in lawmaking nor in the decisions of scientists and their research. Regardless of how deeply held religious views may be they are not based on fact in any way shape or fashion and therefore there is no legitimacy at all in regarding their views as if they were based on fact.

As a society we really must get to grips with Fundamentalism. The writing is already on the wall and if we are not careful we will end up with a Christian theocracy just as evil as the Iranians regime and the Taliban of Afghanistan. Yes it does appear that the biggest danger right now comes from America but do not let that lull you into a false sense of security as the signs of fundamentalist infection in this country are very clear. Besides which when America falls, as it appears to be doing, we will be in serious trouble.

I am not a well-educated man with no consistent formal education beyond the age of 15. As a result I may not be able to express myself as well as I might if I had the education to back me up. All I can do is describe how I think and feel to the best of my ability.

One thing I will try and calmly address is the accusation that I personally and others who do not believe the claims of fundamentalists and are afraid of them, are guilty of hating a group of people just as we accuse them of being.

This is not true and this is why: I see them first off is seriously misguided people who think and act in a wicked way. This does not mean that I believe them to be evil people. There is a difference between thought and action and the person. I also would not make any laws, nor would I want any, that would render illegal their belief system. I have no wish to harm them in any way whatsoever. All that I wish is for them to stop harming other people. This they do but they deny it. They fail to understand that by holding a belief and preaching a belief that some people are less than others, indeed are wicked, they have created and they maintain an atmosphere in which the people they aim their vitriol at can be murdered and maimed. They have blood on their hands just as if they had maimed or murdered with their own hands.

Once again it comes down to personal responsibility and the understanding that how we think, what we truly believe, informs our actions and has a direct effect upon other people even if we are unaware of that. There is no escape from consequences no matter what we believe or how much we desire it to be so.

I will endeavour not to engage these people in discussion again and I am admonished to not cast pearls before swine.

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