Friday, December 17, 2010


How it must be to live life without conscience.  To think say and do what one pleases without regard for the effect on others.

It must be lovely to vent one’s hatred on one’s fellow man without fear.  It must be wonderful to commit any manner of hideous crime upon one’s fellows and know that one is never going to be held accountable.  Most of all it must be wonderful to know that one is completely right and never have any doubt.

This is the situation with those who are “saved”.

If one believes that Jesus died in order that your sins will not be taken into account, one has a free pass to Heaven.

As long as one believes, there is nothing one can do that one will have to pay the price for.

You can stand on street corners and shout out your hatred of your fellow man and condemn all to Hell.  One can kill unbelievers and feel righteous.  One can beat children into submission, and feel righteous.  A man may subjugate his woman, and feel righteous.  A man may subjugate another, and feel righteous.  One can spit on the poor and on the sick, and feel righteous.

One can homeschool one’s children and teach them that science is evil and leave them unprepared for the world that we live in, and feel righteous.

One can abandon one’s children for not living up to your standards, and feel righteous.

One can say that Matthew Shepard deserved his death, and feel righteous.

One can say that New Orleans was destroyed by God for its wickedness, and feel righteous.

One can say that an agonising death from AIDS is deserved, and feel righteous.

To believe that all one’s sins are paid for by another is provably dangerous and provably false.

If all a person sins were paid for, they would not experience the consequences of their own behaviour.  The mere fact that they do proves that their premise is bunkum. For every cause there is effect.  No beliefs will alter that.

To write, as I witnessed yesterday one of these deluded people do, that without a belief in God there can be no morals is probably one of the most evil beliefs there can be.  It denies personal responsibility and perpetuates the lie that man is evil left to his own devices.  (Never mind that all of the sacred books were written by men and thus so were their moral codes!)

We rely who on our conscience think deeply and carefully about what we believe and how we treat ourselves and others for we know that our beliefs and our actions have consequences and that we and others will be affected by those consequences.  We do not believe in a fairy tale, in magic, that allows us to escape the consequences of our thoughts and our actions.

Evil springs from this very misconception, that we are not responsible for our beliefs and our actions.

Those of us who know this ought not sit down and be quiet in the face of this tidal wave of evil.  We must stand and be counted.  Evil in all of its forms can never be and should never be tolerated.

(It is also important to understand that just because one rejects the idea of a saviour God does not make one an atheist.)

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