Friday, May 14, 2010


I went swimming this morning. It was luverly! It hurt a lot but being in water is just so good for me. I enjoy it very much. It only hurt because I haven’t done for a week and I have been stressed and active this week. It still feels so much better than being on land.

The four puppies and Shameless are doing really well now. The puppies have gained weight and Shameless is settled and happy now.

To answer Yarnhog: no it isn’t a regular occurrence to lose puppies. Most litters are without incident. At least for me.

I still have many photographs of Edinburgh to post.

My yarn dyeing has really been quite successful. I am happy about that as I really enjoy doing it.

I have a good break from the shows now until Bank Holiday Monday (May 31st).

WTF? Teresa May has been appointed Equality Minister. She who voted against the repeal of Section 28, the equalising of the age of consent, against gays adopting, against lesbians having fertility treatment, against transgendered people having their official sex changed. Isn’t this a bit like having Nick Griffin in charge of Race Relations?(Nick Griffin is head of the British National Party-they have views one could say were Nazi.)

Oh and David Cameron’s voting record is very similar. I do not trust Tories. Their ‘standing for equality’ isn’t really believed, they just know the electorate will no longer stand for such crap.


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